Dress For Success : Why it matters.

Dressing properly for work, interviews, and events can have such a positive impact on your career goals. For one, it allows you to be constantly ready for all networking opportunities, should they arise. Projecting the right image is important because it helps you get noticed, to be taken seriously, and ensures that your total package is memorable. Of course, the words that you speak and the body language you display are most important for this… but a good image will compliment both in just the right way. It truly is about dressing for success if you want to have the full package. 

I’ve always been a firm believer of the phrase “dress for the job you want”. Dressing like the boss, puts you in the mindset that you COULD be the boss someday. And this may be the best reason for dressing more formal and fashion-forward. Because who in their right mind is going you hire you for a managerial role if you don’t even demonstrate that you see yourself there?

In the workplace, each employee projects certain vibes that others can sense. As one of these individuals, only you have the power to make sure that this outward opinion of you is nothing but good. Don’t let someone make a bad assumption of you before actually meeting you. And dressing well doesn’t just leave a good impression on peers, but you may even find positive changes within yourself! Studies show that by simply adding a blazer to your look, you will feel more powerful, leading to increased confidence. And of even greater interest, results also showed that in times of creative and big-picture thought, dressing in this way can lead to increased productivity and performance.

So, please, welcome to Consider It Novel’s new series Dress For Success! We will be providing you with bi-weekly sources for how you can up your dress game and reap ALL the benefits that it has to offer. 

We are very excited to get started and help you become a fashion-forward force to be reckoned with. 



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