5 ways to be your most productive self (at your desk)

1. Drink / Eat

Drink tons of water before turning to coffee. Coffee can sometimes stimulate your mind too much, leaving you even more prone to distraction. Definitely not ideal, so to stay productive – hydrate, then caffeinate!

Snacking. Constant snacking isn’t the best for you, but it is important to make sure you have enough energy to complete tasks efficiently. If you notice yourself becoming fatigued or sluggish, try a piece of fruit, like an apple or banana, to get you back on track. The sugar in these fruits will give you the boost you need! 

2. Audio and beats

Music is a great start, but make sure you choose something that isn’t distracting! A good tip is to focus on music that keeps a good beat – not too slow or too fast. You’ll know it’s right when you try it and it matches your work pace. That sweet-sweet Goldilocks zone. Look up playlists on Spotify or 8tracks for some great options.

Don’t like music at work? Tap your feet, keep your own beat. Never underestimate the power of tapping. No, I’m serious. Finger, foot, or leg, tap one or two, tap them all! It’s an amazing focussing tool to help you get rid of excess energy and narrow your mind.

Prefer silence? Try earplugs or in-ear headphones to block out noise. Even better, you may not like music, but silence can be deafening, so try a 10-hour white noise clip from YouTube (or beach waves, or cafe sounds!) to get you in the zone.

3. Break up your beaks

Having issues focusing for long periods of time? Try short bursts of high productivity and a multitude of quick breaks. Sometimes working for hours on end isn’t something that works for you and that’s okay. So, instead, try something more catered to you. Maybe rather than taking a 15 min break every 3 hours, take three 5 min breaks every hour. This strategy helps break up time into more manageable chunks.  

4. Schedule when you’re social

Turn off IM chats, no more email, tell coworkers you’ll chat on your break. It preps them to leave you alone and saying your plan aloud will help you focus more once you get to work. Don’t cut your work social life out, because it’s a huge part of having fun at work! Just schedule it in for specific times and, most importantly, stick to it. Make being social an effective use of your time just like you’re choosing to do for work!

5. Set goals

Constantly setting goals and achieving them will keep you motivated every day at work. Having check lists for daily and weekly goals are some of the best things you can do. Not only will this keep you on track and help you curb procrastination and distraction, but it’ll help you feel at ease knowing that your in control of your day and week. Such power can only be gained by setting achievable goals!
What do you do to stay productive?


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