How to break in and upkeep shoes

Shoes are one of those clothing items that can cost you an arm and a leg if you’re going for quality. And everyone needs at least one high quality pair! But then, even when you spend all that hard earned dough, they either tear up your feet or wear out in less than a year! 

Good news, we’ve got some great resources for you:

Breaking in Shoes
Need to break in new dress shoes? New flats? Heels? If you’re still getting blisters, then they probably aren’t broken in. Don’t put your feet through that lengthy and painful process. Try these 5 methods, at least one is sure to work for you:

What’s awful, is after you’ve invested all that time into breaking your shoes in, they start to wear out! 

Making Them Last
They were moulded to your feet, you had been wearing them all season, and they were high quality and expensive, but now… all of a sudden they’re showing wear! And not that relaxed worn in wear. The horrifying, falling apart, I-can-almost-see-your-toes kind of wear.

Here are some effective ways to upkeep your leather and suede favourites to make sure they last: 

Leather Shoe Care 

Suede And Light Nubuk Leather Shoe Care

Continually care for your shoes during periods of wear and they’ll last you years!


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